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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hit in new buyer twist

As Apax continues to offer the future of Hit Entertainment and Thomas, some familiar if yet unusual buyers enter the fray.
The Telegraph reports that in a bizarre twist to the sale, toy makers Mattel and Hasbro are now being offered to Hit. While Disney, Viacom and Choiron follow interest, Apax hopes to sell the whole of Hit.

Apax's preference of selling all of Hit either breaths a sigh of relief or not, as Thomas at present might not be sold alone.


  1. So even if HiT get sold to someone else, HiT will still make Thomas? GOOD HEAVENS!

  2. Give HiT a break, at least they still keep the little blue engine running today!

  3. I'd rather they sell Thomas seperate and give it to Chorion. At least then it'd be back on British soil rather than risking these huge American companies running it, and HIT, down to the ground.

  4. That's cool, i never saw anything like that