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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hartshorne showcases Thomas songs

Current Thomas & Friends composer Robert Hartshorne has showcased his Thomas music by showcasing four of his songs on his official and updated website.

The songs are the music videos from the 2009 CGI era to the present 2010 year, where you can now see the full 3 minute version of Go, Go Thomas from Hero of the Rails, minus some instruments.
Also presented is a 1 minute extract of Roll Along also missing some background music, presuming that it must be a draft version, although to me, the echoing vocals at the beginning does give it some edge.

The two recent 2010 songs from the Misty Island Rescue DVD The Fat Controller Song and Misty Island Rescue can also be seen.

All songs appear as their music videos minus the lyrics, funnel and the bouncing cloud.

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