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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bachmann Large Scale James revealed

Bachmann have unveiled the official images showing the new G Scale models of James and two tankers.
The James G Scale model is the latest character from Thomas to be extended and immortalised in size, starting with Thomas and Percy. His model features his CGI-implemented happy face from Season Twelve and onwards.
Also revealed is two rolling stock, again immortalised in large scale. The first is a Milk Tanker with an icon of a cow inside a circle while the other is an Oil Tanker in yellow with hazard and petrol symbols.
The James model is likely to be released as a set with tracks and the two tankers.

The G Scale Models of James, the Milk Tanker and the Oil Tanker will be available soon in the US and later in the UK by Bachmann.


  1. Oh boy. How expensive will this one be? $1,000 possibly?

  2. train king, i don't even want to know.