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Monday, 18 October 2010

Nitrogen confirms resumed production

Nitrogen Studios have updated their website, by displaying on the homepage news on Thomas.
It has now been confirmed by Nitrogen that production has started on the 15th and 16th series of Thomas & Friends and also on the next feature-length special, Day of the Diesels. Due to the fast production pace between Season Thirteen and Fourteen, we should see the two new series, very soon.

Nitrogen have also expressed their delight that the Thirteenth Series has been doing well worldwide, as does Misty Island Rescue, even garnering interest by the media.

Seasons Fifteen and Sixteen, along with Day of the Diesels are likely to be broadcast in the UK at Q2 and Q4 2011 respectively.


  1. Bust my buffers! two seasons in one year and a feature-length special! well done Nitrogen!

  2. but is there any luck on releasing the episodes on season 10 and 11

  3. Now I can't wait to see what Season 15 and 16 brings us and Day Of The Diesel. Well done Nitrogen for a successful Thomas.

  4. A tiny bit misleading, at the earliest Season 15 will arrive in the Spring of 2011, with Day of the Diesels most likely to arrive - as has been the case with MIR and HOTR - in September/October, shortly followed by Season 16 in the same slot as Season 14 has been this year.

    In short - two seasons a year, with a one hour special lodged inbetween. Quite a work rate.

  5. hey, why isnt season 16 aired in the uk?!