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Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Mr. Men make an offer to Thomas

As equity firm Apax makes a deal to Hit Entertainment of £440 million to secure the Thomas the Tank Engine rights, the Mr. Men could lend a hand.

Chorion, who is the company behind the new Mr. Men series as offered itself to own the little blue engine as Hit struggles to find a new funder.
Founder of Chorion, Lord Waheed Alli, is interested in owning Thomas with much enthusiasm and believes that he can secure Hit's funding for the deal. As Hit is lent the offer, Entertainment One, Viacom and Disney are all interested for buying Thomas. 

Any of you want to know who I think will be very realible to the little blue engine, would be Choiron. They have done a good job with the Mr. Men and other series and so would be faithful to Thomas, as Lord Alli shows.

Disney could prove, in my opinion, disastrous...


  1. So what is happening? Is Thomas going to be owned by Chorion and not HiT, or is HiT going to be owned by Chorion? It's all too confusing for me!

  2. After reading the fact that Chorion has been offered to buy Thomas. I would agree that it would be the good oppertunity for Thomas to make tracks to another great destinations.

    And about Disney.... if they were chosen, I would not so sure what to think.... :/

  3. I am against both Disney and Chorion purchasing Thomas, I would rather watch HiT's version forever than to see it go to either of them.

  4. I don't know about Disney but If Chorian owned it then I wouldn't be to worried. Now I haven't watched Mr. Men but I know abit of history behind. The reboot has been pretty faithful to the original series so If they get their hands on it I'd like that very much. Only time will tell

  5. Aw Disney, leave Thomas alone! You already took Power Rangers and Marvel, which I have to say were bad moves! You took two of my interests, I'm not letting you take my most life-long interest!

  6. Disney and thomas are OK for me.