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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Involvements in newer series'

Two key players in upcoming series of Thomas & Friends have confirmed their involvement.

Teresa Gallagher who provides voices for the female character's in the show has confirmed via LinkedIn that she will voice Belle, a new character to be introduced in the next feature-length special Day of the Diesels.

Gallagher's comments however might seem puzzling; I am voicing all the female characters in this new look series for Chorion. I am now also voicing Belle, a female character in the US version.

Gallagher has mentioned that Chorion are involved with the new series, however the company is one of the top company's to take over Hit over their debts and thus is not yet confirmed for the new series.
Belle is to be voiced by Gallagher in the US version of the show, so it is not known if she will voice her in the UK version, unless Jules De Jongh is the UK voice.

British writer Jessica Sandys-Clarke has confirmed her involvement in Season Sixteen although it is not known if she will be part of the Fifteenth Season.

Commissioned for scripts by CBBC (ZingZillas), Thomas and Friends (Series 1600), which aired 2009-2010. 

The comment above might also seem confusing, as Season Sixteen is perhaps a year away and that she might be describing Thomas' first CGI foray for 2009 and 2010.

Sandys-Clarke is responsible for writing the recent Fourteenth Series' Diesel's Special Delivery and Thomas and the Snowman Party.

Thomas & Friends' next special Day of the Diesels and Season Fifteen will premiere later this year.

1 comment:

  1. Ahh, so Teresa will be Belle in the UK and the US? Sounds interesting.

    I'm glad, if what she said is to be believed, that Chorion have bought HIT. I have a feeling that they'll do a better job than any of the other companies who were romoured in the takeover