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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Thomas' voice teases more

Ben Small who voices Thomas in the UK has promised more suprises in newer stories.

On his official YouTube Channel under the name of Benster71, Small confirmed the name of a new character in a later series; 
As far as I know Owen IS a new character.
He also confirmed that he will be voicing the new character along with a returnee;
Yes I'll be voicing Owen the Crane and Rheneas.
However, Small did not confirm when both would appear in later episodes or series, although he did promise that the next special would deliver; Day of the Diesels is gonna be a good one!!!

Concerning that he didn't know much sites about Thomas, he went onto praise a well known team that are known across the internet...;

I only know about SIF, and have been blessed enough to have met the guy's who run it, whilst at the premiers of HOTR and MIR.

Day of the Diesels and the next series of Thomas & Friends premieres later this year.


  1. TTTEWikia have known about Owen and Rheneas for some time but it's great that he's actually confirmed it :) From the comments I've read Mr Small seems like a very nice man :)

  2. Today marks it being a year since this article was made!
    And Rheneas has not yet returned, and Owen has not yet been introduced, or even confirmed beyond this! :(