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Friday, 21 January 2011

New 'Season Twelve' DVD for Aussies

Thomas fans Down Under will be pleased to know that a second and exclusive Season Twelve DVD will be on it's way.

The Party Suprise is the second DVD featuring episodes from the Twelfth Season individually since Heave Ho!, which was also a UK DVD.

UK fans will not be getting a second compilation of episodes from the 2008 Series, however the Complete Twelth Series DVD featuring all 20 will be released on February 21st 2011.
GETPRICE have confirmed the episodes that will feature on the DVD, as the description reads;
Join Thomas and his friends in these 7 great adventures in all new CGI animation.

- The Party Surprise
- Excellent Emily
- Saved You!
- Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
- James Works it Out
- Tram Trouble
- Dont Go Back

The Party Suprise hits Australian DVD shelves on Thursday March 3rd 2011.

Special thanks to eddfan345 for the alert.

1 comment:

  1. I ordered the DVD off Ebay about two weeks ago. (Even though I already got Complete Series 12 DVD)

    And last tuesday, I got it and watched it. The contents on the DVD Programme is really good as well as some good menus.

    But then, as far as we know the fact that this is the DVD that isn't going to be released yet for the U.K as 'Heave Ho' did.