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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Thomas continues pre-school record

Thomas & Friends are staying strong as it's has been named the No. 1 Pre-School Property for the Eleventh year running.

The NPD released the results this week based on data for toy sales from major retailers in the UK.
Senior Vice President for Global Brand Management of the Thomas Division, Rick Glankler commented on the continuing record; 

2010 was an exceptional year for Thomas at retail and today's results cement the brand's position as the continued number one choice for pre-schoolers.
Thomas is also on the winning rank in other countries such as the US, Germany, Australia, Korea and Japan.

The newer CGI produced series have witnessed a 20% increase in viewers on FIVE's milkshake and on DVD sales.


  1. I think it helped that it was the 65th anniversary last year.

  2. Eleven years running and Thomas is still the number 1 property and I believe Chris is right, thanks to the 65th anniversary.