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Friday, 14 January 2011

'The Flying Kipper' named best episode ever

The 1984 episode The Flying Kipper has been named the best episode of Thomas & Friends ever.

The First Season episode has remained a fan favourite and was recently award the best episode title by SiF's Best of Thomas Poll which started in the winter of 2010, last year.

Fans were asked to vote in the poll for the top 25 episodes of the show.
Season Three's Escape!, another fan favourite reached the runner-up spot while Edward centred episode Edward's Exploit's managed third place.

However, the 2009 feature-length special Hero of the Rails managed a respectful fourth place, becoming the top episode from the CGI Series, followed by 2000's Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie at fifth place.

I would just like to clear that the poll has no relation to my video poll, as this was a year ago and was for an episode only from each season to balance out.

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