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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Some teasers for last MIR YouTube video

Well, Friday is the day that the last Misty Island Rescue themed video will come to YouTube.

I will be uploading it sometime in the afternoon after I have come home from college, then it should hopefully be on YouTube before 4pm.
Any of you who can't wait that long to see what will be in the last video, well, now for the last set of hints!

The video will be a remix of the theme tune to the 2010 special
There will be some cut-in scenes accompaining the music
The remix version of the theme apart from the end credits runs at 4 minutes exact.
The video will be dedicated to a number of YouTubers and SiFers who I think deserved a credit
Robert Hartshorne's music is dramatic, but it did happen sometimes in the special
The editing should hopefully be suitable
Hartshorne's music at one point will sound emotional, the editing will accompain the emotion.
Finally, the editing in some parts will be spruced up. What I mean by that is is that you might think Wow! His editing has improved!

You shall soon see what I mean by the hints including last one.....

Misty Island Rescue - The Theme Music Video Remix premiere's on YouTube on Friday 14th January 2011 before 4pm.

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