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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Klausner tight lipped on Thomas movie

Josh Klausner who is currently writing the newest Thomas & Friends theatrical film since Thomas and the Magic Railroad is now remaining silent on the film.

Previously, Klausner confirmed via his Twitter feed that the new film would be set during the times of World War II but ruled out speculation that Diesel 10 would be involved in the film.

Now, Klausner has no more to say as those information that he fed out were the only ones he could divulge.
So far, there is speculation that the film would be released this year in 2011, however, this has NOT been confirmed and a release date is not imminent.

These so far are the only things confirmed for the film;

A mix of CGI and live-action
Set during the times of World War II
Diesel Engines will appear
Nitrogen Studios are involved with the CGI
Josh Klausner of Shrek fame has written the first draft

The only way to find out more is some official links, press releases and maybe even some certain toy outlets...


  1. It was my understanding that the Klausner film would revolve around World War II, but not necessarily be set during the times of World War II. Although it could be interpreted as a possibilty, I don't think should neccesarily expect any scenes in this time era.

  2. It'll probably take place during the first few books written by Mr. Awdry. We won't see any scenes of WW2.

  3. What toy outlets? Any links you can give us?

  4. Something tells me the movie is gonna be delayed until next year...

  5. ^
    o rly? wat made u think that other than the fact that the film is still in the scripting stages. stop stating the obvious any thomas fan wit half a brain can figure that out

  6. /\ no cause to be rude. and, it's not really being 'delayed', since there was never any official release date

  7. Now this isn't a comic book movie, so who knows? Maybe they already finished it, and the trailer is on its way. They probably didn't want any press attention.

  8. It sounds interesting but it won't be violent for the younger fans, and no i'm not stating the bloody obvious so don't say i am.

  9. I think it will be set in world war 2, but it's not going to be too sceary for younger Thomas fans, BUT WHERE DID YOU HEAR ABOUT NITROGEN BEING PART OF IT? it's good they are going to be part of it, maybe the cgi in the film will be made to look more like early railway series or TV series, but I wonder who will voice the engines?

  10. Hello, this is a sentence. Thank you. Good-bye.

  11. I Think Thomas The Tank Engine And His Friends Will Be CGI-Animated Cartoon Characters To Look More Like The Railway Series Rather Than The TV Show And It Will Also Be Live Action (Most Likely Humans) Like The Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry And His Son Christopher Awdry Will Also Be Known As The Father And Son And Father And Son Will Also Be Played By Professional Actors And It Will Take Place In London, England During World War II Which Will Be Live Action And The Island Of Sodor From The Railway Series Will Also Be Fully CGI Animated And Thomas The Tank Engine Will Look More Like The Ones From The Railway Series Rather Than The TV Series