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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Blog Poll: Would you buy Season Fifteen on DVD?

Owing to the mixed and negative response upon the recent Fifteenth Series of Thomas & Friends, this new poll has been created.
The poll of mine is giving you the question, Would you buy DVD releases of Thomas & Friends that contained Season Fifteen episodes?, It is pretty self explanatory.

The questions have nothing to do with any extra DVD content as they are not related to the new series.

This is also a survey to determine if you would have any other thoughts on purchasing or not and will also show the winning fan preference if the newest series was to be available on home releases.



  1. I would, only if Mr Perkins, a Down at the Station Segment and a song would feature, so far they are the only things improving the Thomas DVD's but its the storys that are currently not good.

  2. I'd only get the complete series DVD, if there is going to be one. The series was so dire, forking out £30 for 4 seperate DVDs would be way over the top. Besides, since I've already recorded the episodes anyway, I can easily wait as long as it takes

  3. The quality of the output from Series 15 is seriously disappointing. From an older fan's perspective, you'd need to be a completist to want to buy up the entire series on DVD when it's released, and when it's 5 DVDs for 4 episode each, it's hardly worth it anyway.

  4. I will get the ones with Mr. Perkins and a complete collection. Their has been some good episodes on season 15 but some bad ones such as 'Wonky Whistle'. So yeah I will buy them only because of the CGI.

  5. I would only get a Classic Collection DVD, (because I'm starting to import these), and I like the CGI. I wouldn't let impressionable young children watch this stuff though... did anyone else see the safety hazards being taught in the last couple weeks of the series??? Shocking.

  6. Funny, I was just thinking s15 DVDs. MAYBE, if the Mr. Perkins episodes are good, but other than that, nope, nada, nothing. :P

  7. Amongst other people, maybe I'll may think about buying Series 15 DVDs with Mr. Perkins and other features. (Even though it has been the worst season as any of you would say.)

    As I would do so is; because of the wonderful animation were excellently done by the Nitrogen Studios, despite all was downsized by some lack of good writing skills as well as some major flaws (like no break vans) .... :)


  8. definitely. i'd buy any kind of thomas dvd. but i don't think they'll make any until after the release of day of the diesels.

  9. BashDashCrashSmash17 April 2011 at 18:47

    I would buy a DVD if it had the episodes "Edward the Hero", "James to the Rescue", "Stop that Bus"
    and "Stuck on you". It better have a good driver perkins!

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