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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Two 'Angelis' movies and landmark

Michael Angelis has since finished filming scenes for a British film titled First Time Loser, had a film released on DVD and about to have a landmark celebrated.

In First Time Loser, the longest running Thomas & Friends narrator plays Father Malachie who is involved in a wedding scene.

Also, Angelis' 2006 film Fated has now been released on DVD since late March after a 5 year hiatus. In it, Angelis plays Tatty, the lead role, a man who witnesses the love of his life come back to life after a hit and run accident 13 years previously.
On another note and some fans may have not known this but September 12th marks 20 years since Michael Angelis' voice premiered in Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends in A Scarf for Percy first broadcast on the above date in 1991.

Angelis has now narrated 15 series and 3 specials and will be involved in the next special Day of the Diesels and the Sixteenth Series.

It looks as thought Michael will be associated with Thomas for years to come as I remember sending an email to Hit Entertainment in 2008 about Angelis' commitments to the series.....;

Is Michael happy to work on the series?
Yes, he is very happy.

Will Michael Angelis stay on as the narrator in future?
The plan is to have Michael for all future series and specials.

#1, #2 AND #3

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