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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Various new Trackmaster's emerge

Seven new stock from the Trackmaster range are due to be available soon along with one Take-n-Play product.

From Fisher Price's Trackmaster range, Henry will be re-released but will have the ability to talk with Talking Henry.
A new set will be released based on the Season Fourteen episode, Toby and the Whistling Woods which includes track pieces, trees and a sign.

For the Rolling Stock, some Red Express Coaches with a brakevan and all new Firework Cars will join the range.
A new type of Rolling Stock will emerge where you can see the inside's of the Mail Coaches, Livestock Cars with animals and the Passengers Cars.

Finally Take-n-Play will see the release of Mr. Pervical's Car in red which includes the man himself in the car.

Thanks to SteamTeam3211 for the alert.


  1. I've not usually been interested in Trackmaster. I've always thought they were less detailed Hornby and Bachmann models for 3-6 year olds. But to see that a red express coach will FINALLY be released worldwide (after Japan have had them since the Tomica days) is great news for all Trackmaster fans.

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  3. Red Express Coaches with a brakevan and Firework trucks are were like out 2 months ago in Austraila.

  4. Does anyone know of any take along Thomas express coach cars available .