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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Second 'DOTD' character enters the Engine Depot

The official Thomas & Friends US website have now added another character involved in the Day of the Diesels special into the Engine Depot.

Belle will be introduced in the upcoming special where she already has appeared in the Fifteenth Series which was broadcast early in the UK.
Belle's description reads; Belle is a big brave blue engine. She has two water cannons high on her boiler from which she can shoot water to fight fires. Belle would be overwhelming if she wasn’t so nice, even Cranky likes her! She wants to do her best and be the best.

Belle realizes that she isn’t the fire engine Sodor needs and supports Flynn in every way. In fact, when Flynn makes mistakes…it's Belle who is always there to help him out.

The third Day of the Diesels character will be added onto the Engine Depot in a month's time.

Day of the Diesels premieres later this September.

Thanks to ByOnu for the alert.

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