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Sunday, 17 April 2011

YT Channel background update plus extras

My YouTube Channel background has now been updated and can now be seen on my Channel.

The update is basically the characters that were not previously featured due to Season Fifteen broadcasting. Now that it's passed, Dart, Den, Paxton and Norman can now be seen on the background.

Flynn, Belle, Stanley and Bertie were on the the first version but since their appearances in Season Fifteen, their images have been updated.
Now I did make an error with the first version as I left out one character in the CGI era, Captain, however, he is back and immortalized on the background along with Butch.

Now, I and some people might have been dissapointed with the lack of image quality due to saving it as a 256k JPEG as part of YouTube's background rule, however, with this version of my background, there's a twist.

I managed to find a way to save it as a high quality JPEG at just under 1MB, which means that for the first time, you can see my YouTube Channel background in it's clearest possible quality or, in all it's glory.
Plus, I have created a new icon each on YouTube and the SiF Forums. Both feature Scruff, one of my favourite characters with an Oil Painting feel, sort of Winnie the Pooh-esque..., eh?

I feel pleased about the quality of the background, but what about you? Comment if you wish.


  1. i am impressed that most of characters are there and sidney is missing

  2. That's because we haven't seen Sidney in the series yet. Maybe he'll add him when we get some screencaps.