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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Classic and New Series collections coming to Japan

The Japanese Thomas fans are to recieve two DVDs in March, one containing episodes from the Classic Series and the other being the New.

The first called ようこそ!ソドー島 たのしいなかま 初登場編 is a sextet playlist of stories ranging from Season Two then fast forwarding to the Fifth to Seventh Series'.

The five minuters involve the moments when new friends came to Sodor such as Duck, Elizabeth and Arthur. An extra is included showing various scenes of other characters' arrivals.
Episodes include;
ダックしごとをもらう (Duck Takes Charge)
クレーンのクランキー (Cranky Bugs)
ソルティーのひみつ (Salty's Secret)
ヴィンテージ・トラックのエリザベス (Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry)
あたらしいなかまエミリー (Emily's New Coaches)
アーサーのきろく (The Spotless Record)

Extras include;
みんなの初登場編 (The First Appearances of Everyone)

Another title is taking the idea of bedtime stories, with daydream and nightime themes implemented onto ベッドタイムストーリー おやすみトーマスいいみてねThe disc holds up the Steve Asquith era of episodes.
Episodes include;
モリーのとくべつなにもつ (Molly's Special Special)
ヘンリーとはたのぼう (Henry and the Flagpole)
まほうのランプ (The Magic Lamp)
トーマスとかぜ (Topped Off Thomas)
トーマスとながれぼし (Thomas and the Shooting Star)
トーマスとうちゅうせん (Thomas and the Spaceship)
トーマスととうだいのあかり (Thomas and the Lighthouse)

ようこそ!ソドー島へ たのしいなかま 初登場編 and ベッドタイムストーリー おやすみトーマスいい夢みてね!both hit Japanese DVD shelves on March 7th 2012.



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