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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Three more animation DVD's due for UK from May

amazon.co.uk have revealed that another three DVD's will arrive in Britain starting from the month of May.

Following Up, Up & Away! first is Steam Team Collection which first appeared in the American nation back in November 2011. It partly follows the same boxset style but however drops The Lion of Sodor from the pack.
Splish, Splash, Splosh!, Thomas and the Runaway Kite and Creaky Cranky remain, all representing part of the Thirteenth Season.

Second Season Fifteen title Rescue on the Rails is appearing a week after the above mentioned DVD set. Most of the content as seen on the US release is expected to be included.
Lastly and trailing until mid July is Curious Cargo, another Fifteenth Season disc with both running times coming in at under 55 minutes each. The same expectations of episodes and extras appearing also follow.

Steam Team Collection hits UK DVD shelves on May 14th followed a week later by Rescue on the Rails on May 21st before concluding with the release of Curious Cargo on July 16th 2012.



  1. 3 more DVDs for parents and fans to waste money on.

  2. After seeing what the Steam Team Collection is I might just get the two DVDs despite the four episodes. I got the Aus version of Splish Splash Splosh already and I can get The Runaway Kite for a cheaper price for £3.29, which is $4.29 on Amazon UK just on its own.