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Monday, 27 February 2012

Feature: Recap on Episode Six of Season Sixteen

The Sixteenth Series of Thomas & Friends continued it's run on Channel 5 milkshake! in England for the second week.

Flash Bang Wallop! eyed up Thomas' escapades of cutting into photo shots that would eventually be seen in a book of Sodor engines. However, he ends up causing several accidents in the pursuit of beating Gordon's photo victories.
Much of a Steam Team based story, speaking all the way through were the above mentioned Steam Engine, The Fat Controller, Percy, James, Gordon alongside Henry, The Photographer, Edward and Rocky.

Playing the parts of silence from start to finish included Emily, Hiro, Stanley, Rosie, Toby with Henrietta and Scruff.

The episode from Jessica Sandys Clarke achieved mixed to positive reviews with some dedicaters to the series calling it bland and comparing the supposed sequel to Season Twelve's premiere product, Thomas and the Billboard.
The similarities over its predecessor were blamed and directed to the photo stealing naturistic flow, the cheekiness of Thomas being good until alliteration and the end makeup kicking in, and the three strike formula re-entered.

An accident involving James crashing into a siding was felt to have comprised a poorly written repeat of his incidents in the Fourteenth Season's Pingy Pongy Pick Up and Pop Goes Thomas.
A number of goodness came about starting with the notable scene of The Fat Controller presenting the Mainland Engines photobook containing peeks of three real life Steam Engines such as the recognised City of Truro.

City of Truro made a brief appearance on Sodor instead of the book all the way back in 1991 for Gordon and the Famous Visitor in the Third Series. Owing to the modern shows' latest surprise, it won acclamation from devotees.

The scene in general was recognised by the fans of Greg Tiernan's love of the real life railways which the Director did research on, upon taking the controlling chair for the 2009 year of the show.
Elsewhere, other positives saw James' expression in his over taken photo shot providing some comic relief, Percy's coal accident bringing back memories of a similar take in Thomas, Percy and the Coal and the deduction of the rhymes.

TheTopHatts gives Flash Bang Wallop!...

Season Sixteen of Thomas & Friends continues its run in Australia on ABC2 on Tuesday February 28th 2012 at 2:55pm with the episode, Sodor Surprise Day.

Channel 5 in the UK airs the next episode on their milkshake! slot on the same day at 7:35am with Thomas and the Rubbish Train.

For a full list of the scheduling, visit the Dieselworks Turntable Roundhouse on the right hand sidebar for more details.

Thanks to Thomas & Friends Wikia for information and images.

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  1. Best episode of the season so far! I would give this a 7 or 8/10. Nice to see the photographer getting a speaking role ;)

  2. Not as good as people think, but definately not the worst by a long shot.

  3. I really love this gr8 start to new week, loved 0:43 the book at the start and City of Truro, and Thomas' personality similar to his excited one in early episodes like Thomas' train shame taking all into account and City of Truro and other engines appearing I give this episode 10/10 and story line was good also Photographer spoke again since series 12 ep1 Thomas and the Billboard. 93DOL youtube

  4. I agree; James' expression in the photograph did provide comic relief, as did Percy's expression!

    1. Something I want to add though is that I would have liked James to have said "Ouch!" after hitting the buffers; actually shown some pain.

  5. Great to hear some positive comments for change! My son also gives this episode 10/10