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Monday, 6 February 2012

Duck finally goes into production for Bachmann

Owing to popular demand, Duck the Great Western Engine will at last be available as a Bachmann model.

The news was announced by Simon Martin on his Hero of the Scales blog, which was teased a few days beforehand on the SiF Fansite.
The No. 8 classical and well recognised Pannier Tank Engine follows in the steps of Donald and Douglas, who are also some of the most popular engines, who became part of the model range last year.

Duck from Bachmann rolls into model and hobby stores later this year in the US.


  1. I'll be buying if it's available for UK fans online. I'll get Hornby's Spencer, his coaches and Bachmann Ben first though.

  2. This means that Bachmann will have made engines 1-10!

  3. I'm definetly be buying him!

  4. It should be an amazing model which i will get the second i get the chance

  5. I sure I hope Oliver and Toad come up soon!!!!! I'm just thrilleeeeeeeddddd!!!!! Bachmann, make Oliver soon, please, as he would also be a huge success