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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Two new stock from Bachmann both HO and G Scale

Tower Hobbies have proclaimed that one HO and one G Scale pieces of model products will be acknowledged from Bachmann.

No preview images are accessible for the new stock, even with no information uttered at present.
On the HO parting for rolling stock, the Ice Cream Wagon as seen on the New Series live action episodes has been created.

For the basis of the G Scale range, Thomas will join the winter seasonal themed set, Thomas' Christmas Delivery. Both will follow the much anticipated release of the HO Duck.

The Ice Cream Wagon and Thomas' Christmas Delivery are coming soon to US model and hobby stores from Bachmann.


Thanks to SnowflakeTH for the alert.


  1. The ice cream wagon sounds good. And I'd love the Christmas set, it's just a shame I don't have room for a G scale set. My only fear is that ANY new announcements by Bachmann will be forgotten because of Duck's release

  2. Strange that they're making the ice cream vans; they appeared in only episode (Too Hot for Thomas) as far as I know, and that episode debuted over seven years ago.
    But, it will allow complete remakes of Too Hot for Thomas!

    1. True, but remember Hornby made some years ago, even releasing a three pack with their cream and raspberry tankers

  3. I might as well get the Ice Cream van. I remember Hornby having one back in their 2005 range.