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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Feature: Tim Reynolds shares his memories on Twitter

With alot of people picking this up, I thought it was time to share this post, despite me knowing the stuff mentioned below since more than three weeks ago.

Tim Reynolds, who worked on the model stage during the Steve Asquith years of Thomas & Friends, has been showing his Twitter followers some special images.
The pictures coming from his personal photo album, include behind-the-scenes snaps from the 25 year set.

His first one was available for some time before he took it down. By the time I heard about this, I asked if I could see it, and he kindly uploaded it.

Reynolds in the shot stands by a few sky backdrops next to the very model of Devious Diesel.
His next snap involves Billy, Donald and Diesel once again. Eagle eyed viewers may be able to notice Harold, Clarabel, one of Bill and Ben and half of Arry and Bert hiding amongst the above mentioned engines.

Thirdly after asking me, my friend Louie Sparkes and others if we'd like to see more, he continued with an upset Percy. More is expected,
His profile picture currently stands as the face of a bored looking Diesel. Tim's username goes by the name of tim_xlvii.


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