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Monday, 20 February 2012

Feature: Recap on Episode One of Season Sixteen

The first episode of the new 2012 series of Thomas & Friends aired on Channel 5's milkshake! morning programme in Britain.

Starting off the Sixteenth Series was Race to the Rescue which brang Flynn back to the forefront. Flynn had to save a burning barn which meant taking to the road for the first time in years, much to his discomfort.

From the pen of Sharon Miller, the 369th episode of the entire TV Series run saw a slight focus away from the rails, bringing Bertie and Butch to play supporting roles.
Charlie, Thomas, The Fat Controller, Victor and Rocky also starred whilst cameos galore included James, Emily, Hiro, Scruff, Mavis and Gordon in the opening shots.

Kevin, Rosie, Harold and Captain were also sighted at certain points through the show. Composer Robert Hartshorne created a few new music cues alongside his returning Fiery Flynn theme.

The episode recieved mixed reviews from fans who noted that the notion of the story was felt to be a sequel to the Season Fifteen finale, Fiery Flynn.
Praise was realised with the first glimpses of Flynn using the road, Butch back for another stint complete with dialogue and the notable appearance of an orange LMS Brake Van

Director Greg Tiernan previously promised to viewers that they'll see more of the rolling stock type.

Negatives were brought out owing to the rhyming and alliterated writing style which however was felt to have decreased slightly.
Other factors of criticism included the forced in Thomas inclusion, Charlie's childish and abusive behaviour and Flynn's belation of dealing with the fire.

Shortly before airing, milkshake! revealed that The Fat Controller was to join the studio for the basis of launching the latest series which eventually happend.

During which, a preview clip from second episode, Ol' Wheezy Wobbles was played out twice during the intervals. Sir Topham Hatt provided laughs by dancing to the Thomas, You're the Leader! song with presenter Derek Moran.

TheTopHatts gives Race to the Rescue...

Season Sixteen of Thomas & Friends continues its run in Australia on ABC2 on Tuesday February 20th 2012 at 2:55pm with the episode, Flash Bang Wallop.

Channel 5 in the UK airs the next episode on their milkshake! slot on the same day at 7:35am with Ol' Wheezy Wobbles. The twentieth and last episode is due to be clarified in the schedules.

For a full list of the scheduling, visit the Dieselworks Turntable Roundhouse on the right hand sidebar for more details.


Thanks to Thomas & Friends Wikia for information.

What did you think of this episode? Send your reaction in the comments section just under this post for your verdict.  


  1. I thought this was an excellent start to the season! It had some nice shots and it was great to see Butch and Bertie appear again as well as Charlie. It was also nice to see cameos from the likes of Scruff and Hiro! It was also good to see the humans play a part in the story.

    The high point of this morning though had to be the Fat Controller dancing to "Thomas, You're the Leader!". As Derek the presenter said, "The Fat Controller has some moves!" XD

    Just to summarise, an excellent episode. I haven't decided on a rating yet :L

  2. I really liked this episode as my favourite characters Flynn, Victor, Kevin, Hiro, Bertie, Charlie and Butch were in it and god decent parts, nice to see Flynn roll on the roads where fire engines should be in my opinion, couldn't help but think Charlie's 'fun' is Bullying but a good moral to kids to ignore bullies.

    Youtube user 93DOL

    1. But Flynn DOESN'T ignore Charlie though. Not at first. He takes what Charlie said to heart.

    2. Yeah that's what I mean shows in the end best to ignore this.

  3. I liked how many road characters appeared, but I felt that the main reason Flynn didn't help Butch and Bertie should have been because he had to put out the fire, with the fear of being laughed at being a secondary reason. Other opinions I have of the episode have been influenced by reviews I've read and watched.
    without review influences- 6.5/10.
    with Missoliverandblossom influence- 5/10
    with Sif influence- 3/10

  4. Despite what the SIF staff have to say about it, I for the most part enjoyed this episode. Flynn finally going on the road, plus the addition of Bertie & Butch being featured was nice. Oh don't get me wrong the episodes has its problems, but nothing to the extent of such dialog as the infamous, "The blue engine was Thomas. His firebox was on fire," as seen in the previous episode, Fiery Flynn (talk about an extreme love/hate going on there).

    It's not a great episode, but as something to kick of the new season it sure is enjoyable for the most part.

    Overall - 7/10

  5. It was ok - i agree with SiF one one hand, but on the other, i don't - it was like "fiery Flynn" in some sense, but it was better. The music is stunning