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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Small takes on Charlie in Season Sixteen US premiere

Ben Small who is the voice of Thomas, Toby and Ferdinand in the UK version of Thomas & Friends has now been fully confirmed as the voice of Charlie in the American nation.

Small plays Charlie in the US version of Season Sixteen, screened recently on the eve of Easter Sunday in the country as part of the Chuffing With Pride block containing Race to the Rescue and Bust My Buffers! on KET.
He confirmed to a fan about the alteration back in May 2011. The person who wishes to remain anonymous had notified Roll Along Thomas during the same period.

Owing to the policy of Hit Entertainment, the following reveal comment on the blog had been locked away, till now.

I have been talking to Ben Small during the Easter holidays and he's confirmed that he is Charlie in the US version.
There has been a lot of confusion that the central Thomas voice actor lent his vocals to the Season Thirteen engine since his introduction in 2010's Play Time.

However, few eagle-eared fans have noticed that American cast member associate, Glenn Wrage was indeed the original voice up to his ending commitment as the character in the Fifteenth Series.

Wrage's vocal instincts of his Spencer and Rocky roles helped identify Charlie's first actor. In the UK, Keith Wickham changed his Whiff voice from nasally, to a soft, calm type from the Fourteenth and Sixteenth Series respectively.


  1. I may be completely wrong here, but didn't Ben Small confirm that he has voiced Charlie since his introduction in Play Time (despite not receiving credit) via his now closed YouTube account?

    Perhaps he's now just changed his voice? Kind of like how Keith Wickham changed his Whiff voice?

  2. Whatever has happened, I think that it's better than his Season 13-15 voice