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Monday, 9 April 2012

'Rescue on the Rails' back delivered through Play.com

The late May Season Fifteen home video of Rescue on the Rails is heading its way to the United Kingdom.

The Rescue Engines themed release now has expanded more on Play.com with its back cover being published.

However, in the same vein as its American accomplice, the listed episodes do not appear which to date only occurs on the non four part Animation DVDs.
Thomas and Rocky, seen at the Search and Rescue Centre, appear on the rear cover side. The whole feature runs at 54 minutes approximately.

The description reads; Ready to Rescue! The Sodor Search and Rescue Team is racing to the rescue - Bertie's stuck on Shake Shake Bridge, Gordon's derailed, and Thomas firebox is on fire!

In these exciting episodes, your favourite engines brave the rails to rescue their friends.

Discover that being heroic is more than having speed and strength; it's about teamwork and a big heart which puts every Really Useful Engine on the right track.
Rescue on the Rails hits UK DVD shelves on May 21st 2012.

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