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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Merrick unloads more for 'Blue Mountain Mystery' site

The Thomas & Friends websites' Blue Mountain Mystery section has been updated, showcasing one of the new characters.

Three additions to the minisite are available to the public focusing on Merrick the Quarry Crane.
The newcomer and Thomas can be seen to be fully present on the homepage. A colouring sheet involving the dark red machinery is first offered.

Following it is a very brief preview clip from the 2012 film also starring Rheneas and Peter Sam at the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Finally, shown off as a brand new game, Merrick's Shape Stacker gives the player the chance to divert Merrick's crane arm to lower rock formation onto the correct trucks.

An instrumental of the Sam Blewitt sung Blue Mountain Quarry accompanies the game. Robert Hartshorne composes the latest tune.


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