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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Exclusive: Roll Along Thomas and SiF present surprise

Roll Along Thomas has teamed up with SiF to showcase a big surprise which may be worth the wait.

Over the past year or two, there has been furious anticipation of any improvements or reconsiderations coming within the TV Series.
Since the almost finished broadcast of the Sixteenth Series of Thomas & Friends in both Australia and the United Kingdom occured, tension has been mounting over special happenings due to crop up at an unknown point.

Now in an Exclusive YouTube video, we can reveal what exactly is going on with this sort of advance as a well known figure in the Thomas world details.

We are prepared for reactions but please be sure to look out for stuff on the horizon...


  1. Can people just accept it's an April Fool and stop acting so uptight?

  2. I think everyone should read what the main man has to say. Look at his tweets!

  3. Not as good as last year's but the video was kind of funny. I loved the animation for Diesel's mouth.

  4. I Knew it was a prank the whole time.....

  5. Described in one word, AAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! I just hope....nevermind.

  6. For the record, we make no apology for our April Fools Day gags, if you appreciated the joke - well done, if you didn't - meh, boo-hoo for you...

  7. I actually knew it was only a joke, and quite frankly understood it. :D

    I mean I'd thought that was really priceless, especially with Diesel in it! So another year had been a success for both Roll Along Thomas Blog and SiF I believe.

    So well done both of you, keep it up! :)

    Daniel Coffey (Dan5589)

  8. But really everyone, please just get over it. It's only a April Fool's joke!

    At least we should all know what Papa Smurf said of what it's really like about the day's event of the year;
    "April Smurfs (Fools) day was originally created to remind us not to take life too seriously, to remind us it is important to laugh at ourselves."

    And so there you have, that is exactly what April Fools day is like.

  9. I love how its "so obivous" yet people decide to get wound up about it. Everybody plays april fools pranks on this day, that is why they named a day after it for crying out loud!

    SiF just asked TopHatts to link to their video on here to give it a small bit of extra exposure, that was the limit of his involvement so i don't see what right anyone has to get cross with him over it, and frankly SiF staff are occasionally told things by HiT management and then told not to say anything, what would you have them do?

    If you're stupid enough to fall for such an obvious, harmless and funny little prank, and sad enough to let it be such a large part of your existence, then you really are in no position to blame anyone else.

  10. In my post above, don't take it the wrong way. What I meant was Ugh, they got me. I laughed a bit at the explosion. I'm going to say here what I should have said up there. Well done SiF! :D

  11. At first, I thought it was real, but from seeing the video and seeing that it was uploaded on April 1st, I knew straight away its an April Fools gag. If people are too hurt by all of this, well then it's not anyone's fault that April 1st is called 'April Fools Day'.