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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Luke and Paxton star in promised TrackMaster sets

Blue Mountain Mystery participants Luke the Green Engine and Paxton the Young Diesel are now fully confirmed for Fisher Price's TrackMaster toyline.

The two mark their debuts in the merchandising franchise being implemented into the Greatest Moments sets, Hideaway Luke and Paxton in Trouble.
Luke is joined by two vans whilst Paxton hauls Blue Mountain Quarry open trucks. The products unveil more plot elements aiding the final Nitrogen Studios animated special.

One tidbit to occur in the story shows the now non-silent dark green Day of the Diesels engine to be trapped by a scattering of quarry stones. This is revealed via a screencap attached to one of the products.

Online store, Peep Peep Thomas broke the news of the duo's existence during the later part of March.

Hideaway Luke and Paxton in Trouble from TrackMaster hits toy shelves worldwide later this year.

Thanks to benjenden1 for the alert.


  1. Really looking forward to this special. I just hope I'm not underwhelmed by it

  2. Paxton looks nice, but I'm not sure about Luke :|