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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Stanley reinvented on Official Website with Class 40

Hit Entertainment's Thomas & Friends website continue the recent overhauls with another page refreshed and one classic addition.

After his return appearances in 2010's Season Fourteen, Stanley's profile at last depicts him in his animated state.

The never before seen promo shot utilizes Nitrogen Studios' model conversion of The Great Discovery character.
His definition says; Stanley is one of the newest engines on the island and is the boy-next-door of The Fat Controller's railway.

He is a little bit bigger, a little bit newer and a little bit stronger than Thomas. There's nothing he wouldn't do for another engine. And if he couldn't do it, he'd find someone who could. Stanley is a great friend to everyone.
Because of increasing fan demands over reintroducing past and new characters to the Engine Depot, The Diesel from Bowled Out now is present to the public.

Like Duck's profile, Class 40 or The Diesel's picture is once more borrowed from Thomas & Friends Wikia in edited form.

His briefing tells; Like all diesels, The Diesel thinks he knows it all. He thinks all Steamies should be replaced by Diesels. Despite his immense power, he finds out that even diesels need help!



  1. HiT seems to be getting the message, i've given Bocos wiki page a happy picture, lets hope HiT will pick it up :)

  2. Not really right to say it is 'Borrowed' from the wiki. It isn't- Wiki don't own the image.
    Interesting to see these coming back- Stanley looks good!

  3. Does anyone else think the Stanley promo looks more detailed than the one seen in the TV series? Mainly around the buffer beam and the wheels.

    Or am I just crazy? :P

  4. I agree with SkarloeyRailway01. It looks different. It might possibly be from Arc Productions. You never know. The face is different to that of Nitrogens.