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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Wooden Narrow Gauge spark 'Blue Mountain' mysteries

New images of the revised Wooden Railway models of Rheneas, Sir Handel and even Duke have emerged.

The Train Cellar first revealed the 2012 forms of the Narrow Gauge Engines back in December 2011. Some of the products coincide with the release of the Blue Mountain Mystery film.
However, the new Repainted Rheneas depicts him in a yellow bodywork colour, sparking some confusion on the latter's alternate appearance.
Elsewhere, Sir Handel has also been given the treatment once more retaining his Season Twelve likeness and sharing part of the detailing from the Peter Sam model.
Although not confirmed for an imminent return to the TV Series, Duke the Lost Engine has also been transformed for the year.
Meanwhile Skarloey features in his own set whilst a closer look at Flashback Victor can be viewed.

The Narrow Gauge products from Learning Curve's Wooden Railway arrive in stores worldwide starting from June 2012.


  1. Well I'm Sure that the 'Yellow Repainted Rheneas' Will obviously be a 2012 release of Duncan If not, Why Repaint Rheneas Yellow, Before You Say 'He needs a new coat of paint' He can be repainted Red or Pink

  2. I say Rhenaes crashes and while he is being repaired they paint him yellow.