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Friday, 20 April 2012

Hit Product Catalogue sneaks in 'Blue Mountain' screens

Hit Entertainment's website have rafted in an update on their TV Product Catalogue for Thomas & Friends.

The Mattel owned childrens brand company now promotes the Blue Mountain Mystery movie ahead of its discharge to the public.

Alongside an aggrandized explanation of the film's plot, two promotional stills are displayed onto related pages.
Via the Thomas & Friends catalogue, a tiny screencap of Luke and Thomas motivating themselves at work can be detected.

More so is an enhanced shot of Skarloey with Thomas also hustling about, percieved on Blue Mountain's produce page.

The hour long story's extended description reads; When the Fat Controller sends Thomas to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Thomas spots an engine he’s never seen before trying to hide.
Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Thomas tracks down and befriends Luke, who tells Thomas he’s hiding because he did something so bad he could be sent away from the Island of Sodor forever!

Thomas doesn’t believe this and sets off on a journey to discover the truth behind the story of the poor runaway engine.

On the way he learns of engines brought to Sodor from faraway lands and of an accident in Brendam Docks where an engine fell into the sea.
But only when he’s learned every piece of the story, can Thomas convince his new friend that there’s no reason to hide.

Blue Mountain Mystery marks its world premiere in Australia at Hoyts cinemas on Saturday July 21st 2012 and will screen the film until September 16th.

The United Kingdom and the United States' release dates are currently billed for a September rollout. This also applies to DVD/Bluray products and theatrical performances.



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