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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Freddie and real engine secretly surface Engine Depot

Fearless Freddie has been found to be in the official Thomas & Friends website's Engine Depot via hidden links.

The old Narrow Gauge engine introduced in the Tenth Season also appears to have his own profile set up.

A promotional shot of himself from his debut episode, Fearless Freddie is contained along with an elaborated synopsis of the character.
Freddie's decription reads; "Fearless Freddie" is the warhorse engine of the Narrow Gauge railway. A handsome engine with a big, brass dome: he was, in his youth, the daredevil of the hills.

He could go faster and more fearlessly than any other engine. After a spell away, Fearless Freddie is back! And the other engines are delighted.

He’s very popular and something of a hero to the younger ones. Although Freddie now has to contend with the unflattering rattles and creaks of age, he’s still determined to give the other engines a run for their money!
Connected to The Railway Series, the Tender Engines TV story and real life, The Flying Scotsman recently surfaced too inside the website's depths. All that is present on the latter's page is information briefly detailing him.

Flying Scotsman's description reads; The Flying Scotsman has two tenders because, on his railway, coal and water are not as available as they are on The Fat Controller’s Railway. The Flying Scotsman and Gordon are good friends.


Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

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