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Friday, 10 June 2011

100th anniversary marks Awdry re-release

The first 26 books of The Railway Series written by the Rev. W. Awdry will be re-released to mark his 100th anniversary.

The books will be available in a new box set called, Thomas the Tank Engine - The Centenary Library.
The description reads; To celebrate 100 years since Rev. Awdry was born, this limited edition set will be the perfect collectors gift. It has the 26 classic books and comes in a wonderful gift box. Titles in this set; The Three Railway Engines, Thomas the Tank Engine, James the Red Engine.

Tank Engine Thomas Again, Troublesome Engines, Henry the Green Engine, Toby the Tram Engine, Gordon the Big Engine, Edward the Blue Engine, Four Little Engine, Percy the Small Engine, The Eight Famous Engines, Duck and the Diesel Engine, The Little Old Engine.

The Twin Engines, Branch Line Engines, Gallant Old Engine, Stepney The Bluebell Engine, Mountain Engines, Year Old Engines, Main Line Engines, Small Railway Engines, Enterprising Engines, Oliver the Western Engine, Duke the Lost Engine, Tramway Engines. 
The box set weighing at 3.46kg is published by Egmont Books.

Thomas the Tank Engine - The Centenary Library hits UK, Australian and New Zealand book shelves on July 1st 2011.


Thanks to TMRReturns for the alert.


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  2. I want to get this when it comes out!