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Monday, 27 June 2011

Deutschland goes Blu for Thomas

Like the US, Australia and New Zealand, Germany will be getting it's taste of Thomas & Friends or Thomas & Seine Freunde in High Definition.
Der Löwe von Sodor or The Lion of Sodor and Thomas und die Ferkel, Thomas and the Pigs each feature five episodes from the Thirteenth Series, translated and dubbed for Deutsch viewers.

Both titles will be available as Blu Ray releases at 55 minutes each in duration, in 1080i but however does not include an English language feature.
Episodes on Der Löwe von Sodor
Knirschender Cranky (Creaky Cranky)
Der Löwe von Sodor (The Lion of Sodor)
Schweinchenrosa (Tickled Pink)
Der Doppelgänger (Double Trouble)
Rutschiges Sodor (Slippy Sodor)

Episodes on Thomas und die Ferkel
Der frühe Vogel (The Early Bird)
Lustig oder nützlich (Play Time)
Thomas und die Ferkel (Thomas and the Pigs)
Die besondere Vorlesestunde (Time for a Story)
Percys Paket (Percy's Parcel)
The episodes run in the official order of the series while the discs have been developed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

Der Löwe von Sodor and Thomas und die Ferkel will both hit German Blu Ray shelves on August 5th 2011.



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