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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Japanese get two CGI for DVD

The Japanese will see the release of two more Season Thirteen DVD's each with four episodes featured.

The two DVD's are the third and fourth in Japan's run of the 2009 produced season after the prevoous two were released earlier this year.
Tōmasu to Tanoshii Mizu Asobi contains the following episodes translated in Japanese;

Tanoshii Mizu Asobi (Splish, Splash, Splosh)
Tōmasu no Haya Oki (The Early Bird)
Yuki no hi no Deki-Goto (Snow Tracks)
Pāshī no jū-yō Nani Motsu (Percy's Parcel)

The other DVD, Tōmasu no dai Tsui Seki contains the following;
Tōmasu no dai tsui seki (Thomas and the Runaway Kite)
Tobī no Atarashi Ikite Ki (Toby's New Whistle)
Dotabata sei Bikoujou (Steamy Sodor)
Sutekina o Hanashi Kai (Time for a Story)

Both DVD's will run at 39 minutes approximately and are featured in 16:9 Widescreen along with Japanese and English Subtitles.

Tanoshii Mizu Asobi and Tōmasu no dai Tsui Seki hit Japanese DVD shelves on June 29th 2011.


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