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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

RWS Audio downloads are GO!

AudioGO's BBC Audiobooks of the Railway Series are now available to purchase as downloads.

By purchasing the audiobooks as downloads and not as CD's, fans would save up to £3.04.
However, only Volumes 3-6 of the Railway Series audiobooks are available on AudioGO's website along with the Pierce Brosnan narrated TV special, The Great Discovery.

Although the first two volumes are missing, the newest Sixth Volume called Branch Line Engines & Other Stories is available and is worth a lot of savings.

Thanks to ThomasPercyandToby2 for the alert.


  1. It's a shame I only found out about this yesterday, I could've saved a load of money and had more to spend on a DVD box set I wanted to buy :P. In the end I spent £6.10 at Amazon. Then again, their fantastic delivery rate did improve my trust in them after my father had issues with them in the past.

    Anyway, I didn't mind getting the CD, I have the other 5 on CD so it'd feel strange buying the download version. If they make another (which I'm hoping they do), I may seriously consider getting the download version

  2. Oh dang! Branch Line Engines CD has already been released?! I'm still trying to get Percy The Small Engine CD! Intresting about the downloadable version of them. But I like to buy the real thing in my hands TBH. BTW I would like to say thank you to ThomasPercyandToby2 for uploading the audio on to Youtube for us to enjoy. Thanks man. That was really kind of you.