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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Amazon shows 'DOTD' UK DVD cover draft

amazon.co.uk have published of what looks like the UK cover for the Day of the Diesels DVD release.

The cover is the same from all the posters seen across the internet but with some notable differences.

All the engines have been given a weathered look to give a more industrialised feel that can perhaps be considered an improvement over it's preceders.
Looking carefully under Mavis, Den, Salty and Dart, some objects are slightly visible while Salty's front is no longer clean.

However, the classification logo's have not been added in just yet but should do some time soon.

Day of the Diesels hits UK DVD shelves on September 26th 2011.

Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

1 comment:

  1. They had that as well for Australia too in the June Thomas magazine. Also Mavis, Den, Salty and Dart, there wheels are not placed well :P