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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Scruff gets scrunching with Mega Bloks

MEGA BLOKS are on hand to release more characters for their Thomas range, with Scruff the Scruncher confirmed as the next one.

The lime green boxy tank engine follows on from engines such as Charlie, Toby, Gordon and Salty to feature in the toy range.
Scruff's face has been authentically replicated to match his TV Series look and is so far the only character from Season Fourteen and onwards to be made from the company.

MEGA BLOKS' Scruff will be released in toy shops worldwide later this year.

Thanks to EmeryAndEmilyFan2344 for the alert.


  1. Scruff can look good in almost ANY Thomas Toy Franchise! Well done Mega Bloks!

  2. I'll put this on my list of merchandise not to buy. I hate how characters are made just for merchandise, although I may get Hornby Dart

  3. I'm not much of a fan of Mega Blocks toys so they're a no no, because they look too childish.

    I will be getting the 'Take and Play' and wooden DOTD's characters and the Hornby Dart.

  4. I found Mega Bloks Scruff on TTTE wikia.

  5. Yayz! I got a mention! Thanks so much!