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Friday, 17 June 2011

Bachmann 'Diesel' revealed

The first image of the Bachman produced model of Devious Diesel has been revealed.

In a video posted by CrovansGateOO9 on YouTube, the first sighting of the new model can be seen.
Diesel's model features a true renactment of the TV Series model coupled with the current CGI.

Also immortalised is his animated face as seen in the current television series produced in CGI.

Bachmann Devious Diesel is available later this year.


  1. Alright lets get 1 thing straight here. I broke this story 1st, On MY CHANNEL. MULFRED100. Would be nice for a little regignition

  2. I can back you up on that chap. Seems Jack gets the credit because he is "recognized."

    That aside, model looks pretty sweet.

  3. Really dislike the CGI face, otherwise good model.

  4. I don't mind the CGI face, but why bother argue about it?