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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Lionsgate releases 'Day of the Diesels' promos

Lionsgate Publicity have published five promotional images from the new special, Day of the Diesels.

At least two of the images can be seen in the trailer whilst the other three are relatively new to fans. Along with this, an extra large version of the DVD cover has been included.

The promos feature Percy, Diesel 10, Flynn, Belle, Thomas, James, Gordon, Edward, Kevin and part of Rocky.


  1. The Middle Picture Looks Like Diesel 10 Saying: "A Lesson Learned Now, Percy. Never Trust A Diesel!"

  2. i hope after it gets shown in theatres, in july, in australia, then it will be explained better and will show who appeared in it.

  3. I personally like the middle picture (with Percy and Diesel 10) from this range. (chuckles) Percy's face looks like he's just soiled himself and Diesel 10's face just looks SO menecing! Thanks for uploading these!