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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Five new Trackmaster's in the shed

Fisher Price will released three more Engines and two Rolling Stock sets for the Trackmaster range.

Linking with the release of the Day of the Diesels special comes the newest interactive engine, Talking Diesel who is coupled with a red Dieselworks truck full of barrels.
Diesel 10 is to be re-released with some modifications on his model including his face while he will carry an oil tanker and an empty truck in Diesel 10 Takes Charge.

Flynn will be the newest engine to be available in the Trackmaster range where he will come with a flatbed.
Moving on from the special is the Livestock Cars or Vans includes a see-inside feature which also goes for the tool vans renamed the Refrigerator Cars.

The Trackmaster items will be available in shops worldwide later this year.

Thanks to GeebMachine for the alert.


1 comment:

  1. Wow! I Think Diesel 10 Takes Charge Looks Interesting For 2 Reasons;
    1. Because He Has Oil All Over Him (Or Is Burnt From The Fire At The Dieselworks)
    2. He Is Actually Pulling Something!