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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Diesel, Donald, Douglas, dates declared

The Bachmann models of Devious Diesel, Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twin Engines will be released this Winter in the US.

Revealed in the latest product announcements catalogue by Bachmann, not only the three engines' shipping dates have been confirmed, but also goes for a piece of Rolling Stock and two locations.
The Tar Car and the Oil Tank shall share the same availability date from the three engines of November while Knapford Station is ready and waiting in August.

The Windmill this time painted in black and referred to as the Operating Windmill will be the last of Bachmann's Thomas products to be released when the month of December comes.

The last set of Bachmann's Thomas & Friends products will hit US modelling shelves starting from August through to December 2011.

Thanks to therailwayinspector3 for the alert.

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