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Friday, 13 June 2014

70th anniversary build-up continues with logo designs

Plans for the 70th anniversary of The Railway Series have continued with designs for a logo.

Next year will mark the landmark celebrations of the first book The Three Railway Engines, originally published in 1945.

This week saw a work in progress logo, specifically for the Thomas & Friends brand, submitted to Mattel with the tagline Keeping kids happy since 1945.

A Little Trains for Big Imaginations poster is over-arched with a selection of characters and backdrops circled in a surreal way.

London freelance designer Carmelina, who designed the proposed specs, detailed her contribution to the anniversary.

In the face of growing competition, the brand has become recessive. [Mattel] want to use 2015 to really reinvigorate it, making the brand more exciting, relevant and contemporary without losing the trust and safety it stands for.

In addition, it is the 70th Anniversary and this provides a great opportunity to celebrate the brands heritage.

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