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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Toby "stolen" from Drayton Manor's Thomas Land

One of the original TV models of Toby was apparently stolen from Drayton Manor's Thomas Land.

The UK theme park in Staffordshire is home to several props and sets from the show in its Discover Thomas & Friends Exhibition.
A recent visit in early June saw a doubled model of the tram engine absent from the public layout. The theft was fed to Ellsworth of SiF by a member of the layout.

Toby is no longer in the exhibiton because his model got stolen shortly after Thomas' 65th Anniversary Party in December 2010, so it was early 2011 he was stolen.

Unfortunatley, the thief was never caught and I doubt the model will ever be seen again. My last visit [before June] was July 2011. Toby definitely wasn't there.

The Bryans Museum, located by Spencer's Adventure Play, is home to the crew of the Discover exhibition.


  1. I don't believe it! Who would dare do such a thing?!

  2. Jeez... this is just a sad year for Thomas.

    First Hornby cancelling their Thomas range, the Train Shed closing eventually and now this? I wish those thing would be undone to keep people entertained for years more to come.

  3. And Toby said at the end of his debut ep "nobody wants me" I hope the do catch they thieves but the way things are these days…. Surely it would have been a lot more protected I always thought it wasn't.