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Sunday, 1 June 2014

New engine Logan teased for book and Wooden Rail set

A brand new character for future series has been revealed by Mattel and Fisher Price.

Logan the Strong Little Shunter is earmarked as a limited-release for an upcoming book and playset combo for Wooden Railway.

The newcomer and Gordon are detailed for Logan and the Big Blue Engines. A diagram on its instruction sheet narrowly obscures Logan's physical appearance in wooden form.
The description reads; Meet Sodor’s new engine Logan! This strong steamie looks like a Diesel and works at the coal plant. This exciting story teaches a lesson about patience and how Logan rushes to make a mix-up turn out right.

Your little engineer can bring the story to life as he helps Logan shunt and couple cars and stops at the coal loader to lift a cargo car and drop a heavy load.

A lights-and-sounds mini Knapford Station, a signal house, a tunnel, rolling stock and track complete the 23 piece set.

A similar combo set involving James, Colin, Victor and Kevin is to arrive at a simultaneous period.

Wooden Railway Logan and the Big Blue Engines from Fisher Price is coming soon to UK, US and Australian toy shelves.

Thanks to Bass Tbone for the alert.


  1. Steam engine that looks like a Diesel?....

    Better be a better character than Neville was.

  2. Sounds like a tenderless Neville to me :P

  3. Any idea when this is going to be available? I have an engineer in my family whose birthday is coming up in early August and he's going to freak out over this set .. guess what his name is??!! I would love to be able to give it to him for his day.

  4. I have the same question for my little boy Logan! When will we see this in the UK? I can't find anything! It's a must have Christmas present!