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Saturday, 28 June 2014

'Dinos & Discoveries' DVD and two new episodes due

New episodes and a DVD are to appear in the next year with the arrival of tie-in books.

The origins of the Dinos & Discoveries book double with Emily Saves the World are unveiled for a DVD release of the same name.

One of Random House's next books for January comes in the form of Thomas and the Volcano. Its artwork of Millie and Thomas places them against a backdrop of a dinosaur and an erupting volcano.
Teasing, As seen on DVD! Dinos & Discoveries, its summary tells more; Thomas and his friends see a volcano in the new Dinosaur Park! Could it erupt?

Boys who love trains will thrill to this Step into Reading adventure, featuring a shiny foil cover and two sheets of stickers, and based on an episode from the newest Thomas & Friends DVD release, Dinos & Discoveries!.

Another title due on the same date is Thomas and the Dinosaur, sharing the same themed setting.

Thomas the Tank Engine and his friend Percy are startled and scared to see a dinosaur in the forest! Train and dinosaur obsessed boys will get a double thrill from this Thomas & Friends Little Golden Book.

The three Dinos & Discoveries books from Random House hit US book shelves on January 6th 2015.


Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

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