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Monday, 9 June 2014

New 'Tale' and future sets join Track Master relaunch

Fisher Price's Track Master for Thomas & Friends is to be relaunched for later this year.

The motorised road and rail franchise has been overhauled under the subtitle Track Master Revolution, bringing core characters back under redesigns and new packaging.
Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Percy are just some of the engines to be reflected of their CGI physiques.

Diesel, Diesel 10, Spencer, Hiro and Victor fill the new collection, to be accessorised with selected trucks.

A New Friends & Moments series will see Gator and Timothy in their own packs for the Tale of the Brave.

The unnamed green engine, who is to appear in future episodes, is to inspire a pack for the Dinos & Discoveries book double.

The brand new Track Master revolution sets from Fisher Price hit UK, US and Australian toy shelves in August.

Thanks to The Blue Sunil for the alert.


  1. Yeap, It's official...

    Trackmaster is Dead.

    1. Not as dead as Lady appears to have been for the last 14 years, other than that one appearance she made in Thomas's dream sequence on "Calling All Engines!"