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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hit delivers world initiative for 'Tale of the Brave' film

Hit Entertainment have today revealed their plans for Tale of the Brave's worldwide debut.

The eighth feature-length special in the franchise is to be bolstered by cinema screenings for the UK, Australia and for Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Mexico until the end of 2014.
The first Thomas production to be executive produced by BAFTA and Emmy award winning Global Content President of Hit, Michael Carrington, is also on course for broadcast on Mexican and Brazilian television.

Booking from June 30th, 80 of Vue's cinemas are reaffirmed to bring Tale to the UK and Ireland after a blue carpet premiere at London's Leicester Square is held. A broadcast on PBS Kids stations across the US is incoming.

Promoting are a minisite in August with profiles, clips and games, activity sheets at UK Day Out with Thomas events and issues from Thomas & Friends magazines in the UK and US including a dedicated themed one in September.
More rafts of merchandising, including home video, will come through products of toys, homeware and accessories from Fisher Price, MEGA Bloks, Ravensburger and books from Random House and Egmont.

Hit's Vice President for Global Brands, Kate Schlomann, anticipated the special. We are extremely excited to introduce Tale of the Brave this September with new direction from Michael Carrington.

The movie lifts the bar offering viewers engaging storytelling with more dynamic and compelling animation.

Thanks to Puff Puff Thomas for the alert.

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