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Sunday, 1 June 2014

James and Gator releases for Wooden and Take-n-Play

Fisher Price is to release two products for the Wooden Railway and Take-n-Play merchandising lines.

For Wooden Rail, a set featuring James is on the horizon. The book and playset combo James Sorts it Out plots the red engine with Colin, Victor and Kevin in The Steamworks.
Decorations are applied to both James and sections of tracks, with Colin able for arm extensions and cargo and flatbeds also included.

Alternatively available as a Mysterious Cargo pack, Gator is due as a separate release in the summer.

The model offers slight differences compared to the aforementioned pack. A black running board and an olive green colour scheme are just some of the modifications present.

Wooden Railway James Sorts it Out and Take-n-Play Gator are coming soon to UK, US and Australian toy shelves.

Thanks to GeebMachine for the alert.

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